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NET, and not available in regular Multi Charts, include: access to all data directly from scripts, for instruments that are not even charted; creation of custom toolbars, ability to draw objects using GDI, and access to all information in the Order and Position Tracker from scripts.

NET you do not need to reinvent the wheel—you can simply find most information on the Internet.

Ultimate bummer, guess my luck there ran out when Reagan was still president. Oh well, I did get some very good on the job training out of fruitlessly searching so long there and do ok at the parks and permissions these days.

I now know my machine well as a result of endlessly trying. Originally Posted by BBs Gal View post What sites of yours that you had high hopes for turned out to be real duds?

It had never been detected and I always thought I'd stumble on a depression cache full of silver dollars somewhere on that property and kept an eye out for anything interesting.

Life went by and 5 years ago I bought my first detector with big dreams of finding something potentially valuable there.

We are all out there either looking for that type of site that no one has wandered into yet or we are trying to sort out the remaining skewed and/or ultra deep coins that might remain. Even if it HAS been detected in the past,it's not going to have had the pounding that a public place has.The worst disappointments I've had in sites were a 1800s hotel site, a 1900s church site, and a 1908 school site.These all were flat out duds, not even a wheatie to show for hours of hunting. A buddy of mine scored a permission on a house built in 1840 that was used as a civil war hospital. Long story short the site is so infested with iron that anywhere you put a pin pointer it's going off.Personally I don't believe in luck,only well laid plans and the ambition to carry them through. I have 86 acres of farmland with a root cellar, spring house, smoke house, and an ancient chimney from a log cabin and it's probably the worse place I've ever detected. I guess they just didn't have much back in the day.Originally Posted by BBs Gal View post What sites of yours that you had high hopes for turned out to be real duds?

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