Questions to ask a new guy your dating

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This question will tell you if he’s an introvert or extrovert.A lot of people think it’s easy to distinguish between the two but it’s not.MORE: 11 Signs He Is In Love With You Most people are divided into two categories, the ones that thing everything is destiny and the ones that think life is a series of random occurrences.

Either way, this is a great question to gain an understanding of how he views relationships.People assume extroverts are fun and friendly and chatty while introverts are shy, withdrawn, and quiet.This mistake is the reason why I thought I was an extrovert my entire life when really, I’m an outgoing introvert!Someone’s answer to this question will probably depend on their life experiences, for instance, if they’ve been cheated on and now consider that unforgivable.Some people can forgive anything, others are pretty tough and may have a low threshold for certain behaviors. Use this fun question to figure out what he really wants to do in life, and what’s holding him back from getting there.

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