Quite intimidating

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She fidgets and looks agitated, putting her hand to her forehead several times.

“I was shocked that, with all the news about sexual harassment, the president of the college thought it was somehow OK to hug me,” she said in an interview with the investigator. Langrell did not even ask for permission to hug me.

His legal team has filed a request for reconsideration. Langrell was shocked and disheartened to learn of the recent allegations and the incidents reaching back to 20,” wrote attorney Michael Mc Aleenan in a letter to Bates’ Title IX coordinator Marshall Sampson.

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In October 2012, they met for the first time in his office, and he closed the door.“Since the very beginning, I felt uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me.I shared what we were doing and what plans we had for the future.Langrell, who is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 310 pounds, then stepped into her path and wrapped the woman in a bear hug, she said.Surveillance video from the encounter shows the hug, and the woman appears to hug Langrell back briefly.

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