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The more time he spends listening in on them, the more he comes to care about them.

The once rigid Stasi officer begins to intervene in their lives, in a positive way, protecting them whenever possible. This film (that I never heard of) took me by surprise as no other film has ever done.

See more » Die Unsichtbare Front Composed By Gabriel Yared, Stéphane Moucha Conducted by Adam Klemens Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra with Piano Soloist: Jaromir Klepac, Guitar Soloist: Jaroslav Novák © & (p) 2006 Colosseum Schallplatten Gmb H, under exclusive license of Gabriel Yared, Stéphane Moucha & Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Germany) Gmb H. This film slowly gripped me, but by the end, the grip was merciless.

The lead actor, who should be doing The Life Story Of Peter Jennings, was wonderful. Congratulations to the writers for their perfect structure---and to the director for his flawless storytelling---and his eliciting of top performances from his actors.

This Gator was brought in because it was blowing out LOTS …

How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings Hydrangeas are flowering deciduous plants that can range in size from small bushes to larger tree-like varieties.

See more » When Dreymann is putting on his tie before his birthday party with the assistance of his neighbor, Frau Meineke, he finishes the job by folding down and adjusting his shirt collar.

In the next shot, his shirt collar is "up" once again and needs to be folded back down. I am a voting member of the Academy (actor's branch) so I get all the films for free. This was one of the last 3 films that I saw---because I was completely unfamiliar with the title.

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