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But he wasn’t always a complete player — his efficacy evolved from his rookie year in 1985 to his peak seasons between 19.

Early on, Jordan flashed one of the best first-steps in NBA history, mixing ball fakes with the classic triple-threat attack to rock defenders onto their heels.

With David Robinson returning from injury, the Spurs added 11.3 efficiency points to their relative defensive rating (r DRtg), by far the biggest single-season improvement ever., he still posted a block rate in the 84th percentile as a rookie.

Teams struggled at the rim against the Spurs with Robinson on the court, but according to rim protection metrics, they were even worse with Duncan in the game.

Those early teams were constructed for defense while Duncan kept the offense afloat.) and in 22 of those seasons they were at least 3 points better than league average.With Duncan, their only seasons worse than -3 came in 20, before a slimmer Timmy bounced back with new defensive talent like Kawhi Leonard.Opposing field goal percentage is a noisy stat, but it supports Duncan’s dominion over the lane that we saw in the scouting report: Duncan’s arrival spawned the most dominant defensive dynasty of the 3-point era.While credit must be given to Popovich and studs like Robinson and Bruce Bowen — two of the best defenders ever at their positions — Duncan was an impressive centerpiece on San Antonio’s backline for more than a decade.

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