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I would say that you two are probably dating if ya'll have been out that many times.

Maybe you should try putting a move on him if you are really desperate to have a bit more of a physical relationship.

You're spending a lot of time together, and dates tend to indicate interest.

Of course, people have different opinions on the "nearly there" part, which is probably where your question is coming from.

But others seem to disagree.-Dating Diva Dear Dating Diva, While there is no specific definition of "dating" anymore, I think one of the main things that makes a difference as to whether or not you're "dating" this person is if you're going on dates with other people in between these 10 dates with this person.

That's generally a pretty good rule, I think.- Lavish Dear Dating Diva, I think that I would be rather confused as well if someone had gone out with me 10 times and hadn't even tried to hold my hand or anything.

So let's clarify here: Aaron wants to date Betty and only Betty for whatever reason, but Betty is also interested in Clive and has never told Aaron that she would exclusively date him.

Aaron can't get upset when Betty goes out with Clive, and Betty shouldn't feel guilty for doing so.

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