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But more importantly, Chandler’s infamous on-and-off again girlfriend, Janice, is first introduced, and they sleep together for the first time, and then Chandler breaks up with her (for the first time) on — wait for it – Valentine’s Day.

Season 1, Episode 15 and 16, “The One with Two Parts” Rachel gets hurt, and ends up at the hospital.

Ok, Rachel can act a little spoiled, but she abandons her whole life and starts working as a waitress so she doesn't have to go back to living with her parents (or a husband she doesn't love). Sure, Rachel worries about her looks, but that's precisely what leads her to a job in the fashion world. He doesn't do anything for the baby, or for his pregnant ex-wife.

When Rachel is getting ready to tell Ross that she's pregnant, he just assumes that she's there to ask him if they can get back together, because how could she not still be in love with the wonderful Ross Gellar? Ross selfishly wallows in his own misery for 10 seasons and complains about how "bad things only happen to good people" so that he doesn't have to come to terms with the idea that (surprise!

The evidence is all there from the very first season of Friends: When Rachel shows up at Central Perk after running away from her wedding and runs into her childhood friend, Monica.

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More than a few major gaffes slipped past the writers over the years, and we've detailed a few below.Most of it happened between Seasons 1 through 5, because after that, everyone coupled off, had babies, and found Mike Hannigan. Monica thinks she’s going out with the brother of Joey’s ex. This sends Chandler into a downward spiral, trying to figure out what everyone truly thinks of him (and why his coworkers think he’s into guys).Season 1, Episode 14, “The One with the Candy Hearts” Carol.Ross' plan to make Rachel fall madly in love with him is to sabotage any type of relationship or love interest that she has (always behind her back, of course) and act like her friend in order to take advantage of her at a time when she's most vulnerable so that she'll fall in love with him.Ross uses the typical "nice guy" narrative when he speaks with his friends and colleagues about their relationship.

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