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I also think that the average guy could relate to what I’m talking about here – my guess is that it’s fairly universal.

I would say losing a job would knock the average guy down for a little while at least and if he’s very achievement-focused, it could have a longer lasting, deeper impact.

Anyway, I sent him a message the next day thanking him for his hospitality and didn’t get a reply until the following day and it was pretty blunt, just saying “thats ok”.

He texted me a few days later asking if I would like to see him again, so I agreed and this time we ended up sleeping together.

No matter what your taste, you’ll find there’s nothing like these super hot mutual masturbation cams to get your rocks off.

I was set up with a cute guy recently- we talked loads on the phone first and had a great laugh. I ended up getting snowed in at his house so had to stay, but nothing happened.

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