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Whatever the case, I aggressively fight for my clients, and I never back down from a courtroom battle if it’s in my client’s best interest.Don’t take the consequences of a sex crime conviction lightly.Lopatka told relatives she was going to visit friends in Georgia but left a note saying she was "not returning and asked her husband not to go after the one who did this to her," according to the affidavit. "I never wanted to kill her, but she ended up dead." Lopatka's husband, Victor, said at today's hearing that her family didn't believe Glass's version of what happened but decided to go along with the plea agreement. Other relatives read a statement declaring that Glass took advantage of Lopatka. Under the plea agreement, Glass will be credited with the three years he has spent in jail when he begins serving his state sentence, but he must serve his full 27-month federal sentence.In addition, he faces five years of state-supervised probation, two to three years of federal probation and must pay ,526 restitution to Lopatka's family and ,000 to his court-appointed attorneys.These cases are very serious, and a knowledgeable lawyer can explain the law, how it applies to the facts of your case, and how to begin preparing your defense.Solicitation of a minor can occur in a face-to-face setting, but more commonly, people are charged with solicitation of a minor as a result of contact made over the internet, chat rooms, and text messages.In addition to sex offender registry requirements, a felony on your record can keep you getting a job, owning firearms, and voting.To ensure the protection of your rights, it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable Annapolis sex crimes defense lawyer before making a statement to any party, including the police.

With national media and public scrutiny focusing on “online predators,” law enforcement frequently establishes sting operations with agents posing as minors online.If convicted, you are forever branded as a sex offender, and in most cases you must register as one for the rest of your life.This could result in public embarrassment, job loss, and lifelong stigma for you and your family.Indecent exposure and unlawful sexual contact charges are less serious, with misdemeanor classifications.Sexual assault cases are more serious, depending on the degree of the alleged assault.

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