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” “Urr yeah, but there was only one of ‘em” Garry answered back “but from recordings we know he had some buddies who’d already left the party, and we’re sure they’d taken one of the Pink Ladies too” “Like, kidnapped or did she go with them?

” “We think she was grabbed” he answered “Rimpods are known to take women as sex slaves on their ships and to use ‘em as hostages if they get caught” Spacegirl stood and kicked back her chair with purpose “I wanna talk to him, I’m taking him for a little walk” Spacegirl held her ID tag up to the lock and the Rimpods door unlocked with a loud clack.

They’ll never find your body”She walked over to her ship and opened the door.

“Hello Ship” she said “Good morning Spacegirl 69, Please state the task” “Power up engines and head out” Spacegirl said as she punched the button to close the ship’s rear door“Error, Cannot lower electoshield wall. Set a course for Corvus 4” Taken at Solaris Station Station/125/133/...

“It’s all my fault” Sitting in the darkened room, she thought back to what she heard in Stella’s club.

“It’s all my fault”Sitting in the darkened room, she thought back to what she heard in Stella’s club.

”Spacegirl reached down to her boot and pulled a knife out and held it to his neck “In 10 seconds, I’m gonna cut your throat and drop the shield doors and throw you out into space. The Rimpod struggled to breathe as Spacegirl pushed him higher up the wall. ” Spacegirl’s face grew madder and madder and he could see the hate in her eyes, “Where’s the first shipment of sexbots being loaded up and what’s the trap waiting for the blue headed assassin? ” Spacegirl yelled “You assholes don’t even wear clothes!!! That’s all I know, I don’t know anything about any trap!

“Ok Ok“ he said trying to pry her hand from his neck “I had nothing to do with it, The guys I was with wanted her for their ship. Tell me what I wanna know or I‘ll cut your damn head off! "Spacegirl let him go and he slumped to the floor holding his neck, “You better not be lying to me or I’ll do it, I’ll come back here and drag you from your cell and cut you in two!

Down in the FGF’s dock the place was deserted, Spacegirl dragged the Rimpod along as he babbled on about “not knowing anything” and that he was a “highly regarded member of the business community”.

She turned and grabbed his scrawny little neck and in one move, picked him up, spun him around and slammed him against the FGF shuttle dock wall, knocking the air right out of him. I don’t give a shit about who the hell you think you are!

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