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Try not to take offense to my suggestion that your question is a veiled solicitation.That's a reasonable assumption I allow myself to make not having met you, but based on the litany of examples history provides.

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;-)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^May I ask if you get distracted during the service to look at the ladies in panty hose ?

And based on your presumed intelligence and abilty to draw the conclusion on your ownthat there are women out there who will accept you for you--normal abnormalities and all. The first couple paragraphs clearly state that I do not believe in premarital sex, and I'm not looking to "score" with a woman I meet on an online dating site. :-) Taking offense is the choice of the weak hearted and conceded. Many have, even messaging me to thank me for investing the time to express myself in ways that others are too shallow or impatient to craft.

I'm not looking for "quick fix" women, but the truly committed to friendship and long-term relationships!

The list could be endless, but fetlife might be a site where you would feel more comfortble about opening up about it.

I don't think if folks don't understand it does not mean they hate you. The question implies that there's something unique about you and your fetish.(I'll blame religion since the root word of deviation is probably devil.)But geez, that's what the human condition IS--deviations of thought, behavior, genetics, etc. Anyway, doesn't it stand to reason that if you have a certain fetish, that you are not the *only* person with that fetish?

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