Technology and dating statistics

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Most consistent is that this generation is technically savvy, almost as if it has a digital sixth sense.

A wired, connected world is all that Millennials have ever known.

Today’s Generations Like every other generation, Millennials display generalized and unique traits.

Economic, political, and social background influences the culture and creates a lasting impact.

19%), with 45% agreeing with preferential treatment to improve the position of minorities.

More likely, they are apt to switching tasks quickly enough to appear to be doing them simultaneously.

The independent Gen Xer may not appreciate the team orientation and desire for seemingly constant feedback.

At the same time, the social-minded Millennial may not understand the priorities of other generations. Census Bureau statistics, there are plenty of them to study, 80 million plus (the largest cohort size in history).

See more content related to millennials, from the U. Sources, though, are inconsistent, with as many as 21 different birth spans referenced.

Chamber of Commerce Foundation was published in 2012. We will use the birth years of 1980 to 1999 here to define the Millennial cohort.

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