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She then suddenly does projectile vomiting onto him and we see the chunky liquid all over his face (and he asks if she had a daiquiri and she says she did).We see clips of a zombie film on a TV in the background of the electronics store where a kid zombie suddenly bites a person on the neck (we see a little blood) and then see some blood on a person's shirt.When his coworkers -- including David (PAUL RUDD) who's fixated on his ex-girlfriend, Jay (ROMANY MALCO) who cheats on his significant other, and the wild and crazy Cal (SETH ROGEN) -- learn that he's never gone all of the way with a woman, they set out to remedy that situation.Declining the casual sex solution offered by his older boss Paula (JANE LYNCH), Andy tries to follow his coworkers' advice that gets him hooked up with the likes of drunken floozy Nicky (LESLIE MANN) and the cute and eager Beth (ELIZABETH BANKS) who works at the local bookstore.In 2007, she had a recurring role on the CBS drama Jericho as Sarah Mason.She appeared in The Sweetest Thing (2002), Rancid (2004), The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and Nina (2015).

All sorts of sexually related dialogue (much of it explicit) is present (covering a wide variety of topics and sexual practices), as is equal or more amounts of sexual content (including erection jokes, dogs seen mating, the sight of rubber penises, a woman masturbating in a bathtub, etc.) Various clips from porno films are seen (with movement, bare breasts and related sexual sounds), while other nudity (bare breasts, butts) is also present, and various couples fool around (including a comedy bit about how to put on a condom), while a couple has sex under the covers on their wedding night.Should you still be concerned about the film's appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home, you may want to look more closely at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's content.A drunken woman passionately kisses Andy while standing, grabs his clothed butt and has her hand on his belt.With his coworkers still trying their best to help him lose his virginity, Andy must decide how to proceed and with whom.STEVE CARELL plays the nerdy title character, a single stock supervisor at an electronics store who, under encouragement/pressure from his coworkers, decides to finally lose his virginity.

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    Panettiere appeared on Fox's Ally Mc Beal as the title character's daughter, played the daughter of a man transitioning to female in HBO Films' Normal, had a recurring guest role on Malcolm in the Middle and guest starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in two different roles.

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    While the show is anchored by a great performance from John Goodman, the true strength of the show is in supporting players like the fantastic character actor Matt Malloy as the perpetually put-upon Senator Louis Laffer, and comedian Wanda Sykes as Armed Services Committee chair (and the Congressmen’s neighbor) Rosalyn Du Peche. One Mississippi Creator: Tig Notaro, Noah Harpster, John Rothman, Rya Kihlstedt Network: Amazon Double mastectomy. One Mississippi didn’t receive the hype of Amazon’s other shows.

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