Turned off ntl box while updating

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This is why thedownload syncing spinning wheel up on top is constantly going and the battery is getting drained so fast. My mail is syncing just fine but I can't get the calendars to sync.

So until Apple fixes this, here’s my workaround: Make sure your “Mail Days to Sync” is a small enough time period (ie: a week or two) that your Sent folder sync gets done quickly after setting up your account (ie: maybe a couple minutes). If I click "push" then what I enter on the phone shows up on my Outlook desktop but what I enter on the desktop doesn't show up on the phone.

she goes on to say "I would have to select a contact from my address book in order for her to complete my request".

Last I used Siri for this was a week ago, and now she forgets who I am, really. Thank you tck1000 for a work around I was getting all the approved ticks that my account was setup properly but still no emails.

I have an IPHONE 5s, I downloaded IOS 8 yesterday at 11 am and that was the last time my work email came through.

I created all of my email account and downloaded all of my email up to 3pm yesterday then just quit working.

Although this would not be my companies tech issue has nothing has changed other than the upgrade in IOS. I tried rebooting and reinstalling the exchange account without success.

My exchange provider can't find any issues on their system.

Subsequently enabling Wifi saw Mail working just fine.i OS 8 has some funky things going on, e.g., it took my notification centre weather update a forced 4G connection to begin working, too. In “Settings”, under “Fetch New Data”, it used to be that the Exchange account defaulted to syncing ONLY the Inbox.

Something to do with Location Services not figuring out where you are initially over Wifi. Now it defaults to syncing the both the Inbox AND the Sent folders.

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