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This is causing Dan to grow frustrated with his fiancè, making him feel as if he's losing him.

And when Phil takes off to go back to Earth, Dan follows.

Troyler is absolutely perfect though because they always seem to be having fun together and they get along so well.

Wether its a bromance or a romance it doesn't matter they're adorable regardless.

He smiled an unnervingly pleasant smile, as if we were just sitting down to a nice cup of tea- instead of planning to rip my fucking head off. Even after 7 years, He still thought about that beautiful boy who saved his life. But then he did, when Phil saved his life once more. Seeing as it's my first ff, I'm going to apologize a lot.

So everyone except the band members are going to be in high school but the band members are going to the local college so they all know each other, kind of....is a clusterfuck of a fic. When Dan moves to a new school mid-term, he's taken under the wing of a group of misfits and things aren't looking so bad.

The other half of the gang are just enchanted.(Title from "The Beautiful People" by Christina Aguilera.)Chapter 1: Tyler and Ethan.

Troyler is the incredible (B)romance between Tyler Oakley & Troye Sivan.

How about being kissed by the love of your life, who couldn't care less as long as he's pissing his ex off? Troye hates everyone and everything on the face of the earth, possibly with the rare exception of his laptop and his only friend and roommate, the infamously gay and not so popular Tyler Oakley. But, Troye gets curious and Tyler is not convinced that his friend isn't even the slightest bit interested. In which half of the gang are street performers in Melbourne, and the annual Food and Wine Festival is in town.

After getting to know each other it seems as if they never leave each others sides.

The fact they always tweet each-other and never seem to leave one another alone make troyler shippers cry in happiness.

Phil is restless, paranoid, and suffering from extreme PTSD.

He lashes out or reacts without thinking, especially if something either startles him or feels threatening to Dan.

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