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Battery lasts about 30 mins and takes a day to charge. I have a GO 500, which has this "1 minute 47 second" updating problem.

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I went to go to the airport and ended up doing a large circle through heaps of traffic. There are a few more little things that get on my nerves, tiny details that don't need to be mentioned, but for the money we paid, and in comparison to other GPS's I've seen, it's a sad let down. it gives you accurate speed readings, directions are pretty clear to understand, though i've never been able to trust it totally. so then your left with still having a UDB/melways with you to double check..

Judging from other reviews it seems that the previous models were, but the Tomtom Go 500 is not worth the money. The GO 500 must connect to your smartphone via the Bluetooth personal hotspot (for an i Phone) and use your smartphones data in order to get traffic information. All else is pretty standard fare for the GO 500 compared to previous models. Great GPS unit, I had this before I upgraded and purchased the Tom Tom GO 720.

It's simple and easy to get used to after a while, but that would be its only perk. Had great features like a bluetooth car kit, the ability to add custom voices on for a bit of entertainment, even came with a soft case so you could hide it away in your glove box without it getting scratched - It was a bit bulky, but only saying this because the new one is much smalled.

But for some reason though, they seem to have discontinued this model, and they now only sell the GO 600 . Most addresses that I search are not found...there are very few "POI's" of Tourist type found..Main Menu doesn't offer the options (eg. I am at a loss to find something that is an improvement with this device..happy...stress out and curse alot every time I turn on the ignition and have to sit and wait for it to "load", then enter a legit address, only to get a "no addresses found".

I find the GO600 a bit big, I prefer the 5 inch GO500 instead. I could go on...there could be a book in me on this #*}^!? Smooth screen movement and slightly easier to read then the Navmans.

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