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Furthermore, Zimbra doesn't allow automatic user provisioning from some external source (like AD) without much hassle.In this section I'll list services I managed to connect to Zimbra and also give some gotchas while doing it.Additional goal of this setup is to have test server.Namely, when Zimbra publishes new release of it's server, I wanted to have place where I can try to upgrade server and see how it behaves.But, before describing each service in turn I'll note that Zimbra's LDAP doesn't allow anonymous searches.Thus, any service that does search before bind should have credentials to bind to LDAP. (TODO: Maybe restrict it more by modifying ACL-s for a security reasons?Only after it turns good, I'll install main Zimbra server. DMZ with domain.local primary mail server, DR site with domain.local mail server, local network colocated with DMZ and Internet. In this document I'm using Cent OS 5.5 and Zimbra 6.0.8.Notes for the older versions, as I update this document, will be placed at the end.

Problem detected: MTA service doesn’t started (Zimbra uses POSTFIX as Mail Transfer Agent, aka mail server, to manage mail queues).

After your first synchronization is completed, you can access your ITG Zimbra mailbox account using Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook natively does not support Card DAV and Cal DAV and we need to find an alternative to synchronize Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks with Google, Android, i Cloud, Outlook.com, Synology, Own Cloud and many other cloud services or servers.

My goal was to install additional Zimbra server for a disaster recovery site of a certain company.

This company already had primary mail server which also runs Zimbra.

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