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This means the therapist does not have to engage in any detail with the actual content of the patient's problems. This is obviously ideal for a computer program, which can attempt to carry on a conversation without having to understand anything the human says at all.

Weizenbaum's trick remains one of the classic tricks for building a chatbot.

In 1989, in the final year of my undergraduate course, I put this program online, and now for the first time it had the element of surprise, and it could talk to strangers long-distance.

In 1989, UCD was operating both "BITNET" and "Internet" machines.

Eliza "simulates" (or perhaps parodies) a Rogerian psychotherapist (i.e.

a practitioner of the non-directive therapy of Carl Rogers), who has a conversation with a patient by appearing sympathetic, asking bland questions, and asking the patient to clarify what he just said, or discuss how he feels about it.

This is the first time this event has been properly written up. This was certainly one of the first AI programs online.

To talk to my program, the students would specify the path of the program and run it.

My program was deliberately designed to have an unpredictable (and slightly scary) mood.

It is hard to convey the personality of the program in this limited space here.

Fellow students talked to the program, and while its responses did prove more popular than the banal responses of the normal therapist, all of this took place with no element of surprise. The program, called simply "Doctor", was offline (i.e.

not on the Internet) though it was on a multi-user machine.

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