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Forms applications, Windows services and Web services. is also one of the strongest programs and ‘most human’ of AI chat robot or chatbot, and has won the Loebner Prize three times (in 2000, 20).

I've also implemented a couple of 'custom tags' (not included) that will do silly things like search Wikipedia and translate using Babelfish." You can download Program# and read more about it at the web site: Houssem Bdioui has contributed to the AIML community a new C Qt-based AIML engine supporting seamlessly Latin and Arabic character sets. However, the program is unable to pass the Imitation Game (more commonly known as the “Turing Test”), as even the casual user will often expose its mechanistic aspects in short conversations.

Kim's page also provides an AIML checking tool called Shadow Checker.

I'm also pleased to say that it works with Mono (tested with v1.0.5).

I've had quite a bit of fun integrating it into Windows.

It is written in PHP and uses My SQL for its backend database.

Program E runs bots that are written in Artificial Intelligence Markup Language or AIML. It has since been worked on by Anne Kootstra and Icomsec. For more information please refer to: By Ernest Lergon updated by Noah Petherbridge Program V is a Perl implementation of an AIML interpreter. V relies on the industry-standard use of mod_perl (for Apache) so that the web server can handle many of the non-AIML-related tasks that other interpreters (like Program D) handle themselves.

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