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Lowry’s self-portrait of 1925, in which he looks out at us, eyes alert from beneath a large cloth cap, is vigorously drawn, exceptionally competent and relatively conventional.While Lowry did paint other self-portraits that conform very much to the idea of him as an outsider artist, such as the tormented 'Horrible Heads’ series, produced during his mother’s final illness.Now, however, a major exhibition at Tate Britain aims to strip away the layers of myth, cultural embarrassment and romanticised biography to present Lowry simply as an important 20th Century artist. 'People talk about Lowry as old fashioned, nostalgic and lacking in competence, which is just a set of codes for the fact that an artist dealing with the reality of working class life in Britain can’t be taken seriously.’ One of the most intriguing things about this revisionist view of Lowry is that it is being generated not by some long established authority in the north of England, but by a couple of highly influential Californian academics: Clark and his long term collaborator Anne M. If the term Californian is a slight misnomer – Wagner is from Connecticut and Clark hails originally from Bristol – both are emeritus professors of the University of California, Berkeley, who have worked intensively on early Modernist painting from Manet onwards.'The myth of Lowry the non-artist has a great deal to do with metropolitan British snobbery,’ says curator T. It is within this tradition that they want to situate Lowry.

'One day I missed a train from Pendlebury, a place I had ignored for seven years, and as I left the station I saw the Acme Spinning Mill: the huge black framework of rows of yellow-lit windows standing out against the sad, damp charged afternoon sky. I watched this scene, which I’d looked at many times without seeing it, with rapture.’ Those aren’t the words of a naive or primitive person, of someone who struggles to empathise and communicate.Lowry’s earliest paintings, such as 'Home on Eccles Old Road’ of 1913, are executed in a kind of provincial Post-Impressionist manner, heavily influenced by the French painter Adolphe Valette, under whom he studied at Manchester’s Municipal College of Art.The scene is viewed from ground level, as is the huddle of figures in 'Pit Tragedy’ of 1916.Kailyn Lowry may have just let the name slip of the father of her unborn baby.Fans and Us Weekly both noticed that the star - who is expecting her third child - referred to herself and a man when host Nessa asked if Kailyn's oldest Isaac, 7, can babysit.

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