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This is a situation branded as “unfair, outdated” and “indefensible” by Dr Paul Davis, chairman of the British Philosophy of Sport Association, and Lisa Edwards, senior sports lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University, in a journal essay they have published as the tournament turns 140 this year.The pair argue that this disparity upholds the belief that women are weaker than men, as well as repressive ideals of what is feminine, i.e. In turn, this makes it easier to argue that formidable athletes like Serena Williams deserve to be paid less than their male counterparts.At 19, Nadal won the French Open the first time he played it, a feat not accomplished in Paris for more than 20 years.He eventually won it the first four times he played at Roland Garros.Nadal's family turned down this request, partly because they feared it would hurt his education, The decision to stay home meant that Nadal received less financial support from the federation; instead, Nadal's father covered the costs.

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Are other factors like, as some suggest, the pesky weather and tricky scheduling putting off Grand Slam organisers from levelling the playing field, or in this case, the lawn?This perpetuates the ongoing belief in male superiority by claiming women are incapable," she says.And top female players - who you might suppose are an authority on women’s tennis - including Maria Erakovic and Serena Williams have both said that they would be willing to play five sets.Another year another Wimbledon tournament, and we know what that means: ripe strawberries drizzled with cream, neatly manicured lawns, and the ongoing debate over whether the sport is institutionally sexist.The offensive commentators, macho players who feel the need to drag down their female counterparts, and the questionable dress-code. And the fact that women aren’t allowed to play the same number of sets as men for reasons no-one can quite pin down, might go some way towards explaining why.

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