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In her convent cell, Sor Juana amassed one of the largest private libraries in the New World, together with a collection of musical and scientific instruments.She was able to continue her contact with other scholars and powerful members of the court.Sor Juana celebrated woman as the seat of reason and knowledge rather than passion.Her famous poem “Hombres necios” (“Foolish Men”) accuses men of the illogical behaviour that they criticize in women.Juana Ramírez thirsted for knowledge from her earliest years and throughout her life.As a female, she had little access to formal education and would be almost entirely self-taught.Juana was born out of wedlock to a family of modest means in either 1651 or, according to a baptismal certificate, 1648 (there is no scholarly consensus on her birth date). Juana’s mother sent the gifted child to live with relatives in Mexico City.

Notable in the popular vein are the (carols) that she composed to be sung in the cathedrals of Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca.

Convent life afforded Sor Juana her own apartment, time to study and write, and the opportunity to teach music and drama to the girls in Santa Paula’s school.

She also functioned as the convent’s archivist and accountant.

She drew on a vast stock of Classical, biblical, philosophical, and mythological sources.

She wrote moral, satiric, and religious lyrics, along with many poems of praise to court figures.

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