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Dupuis's first appearance on film was in a 1987 short experimental work inspired by the 1926 avant-garde film Anémique Cinéma, by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray, featuring the same title.

The film was nominated for the Jutra Award 2006 in fourteen categories, including Dupuis for Best Actor, but he did not win it.Prior to its release, a "draft of the film" was screened as a courtesy by the producer, Laszlo Barna, to Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, and his cabinet, who found it emotionally very moving.For his performance as Dallaire, Dupuis won his second Jutra Best Actor award; in accepting it, "Dupuis dedicated his award to his mother, who died recently, as well as to Dallaire and the people of Rwanda." In October 2006, along with Gabriel Byrne, Christopher Plummer, Max von Sydow, and Susan Sarandon, he filmed Emotional Arithmetic, directed by Paolo Barzman and adapted by Barzman and Jefferson Lewis from the novel by Canadian writer Matt Cohen (1942–1999), who had written several drafts of a screenplay adaptation himself before his death.Later in 20, Dupuis began working on several new film projects, including: as Charles in Truffe, directed by Kim Nguyen, produced by Renée Gosselin and distributed by Christal Films, whose world premiere opens the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal on July 3, 2008; as Jean-Paul Mercier in "L'Instinct de Mort" ("Mesrine: Killer Instinct"), part 1 of Public Enemy Number One, a two-part feature film about notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrine, played by Vincent Cassel, directed by Jean-François Richet; as Mr.Turcotte in "Un été sans point ni coup sûr" ("A No-Hit No-Run Summer"), a feature film about baseball set at the beginning of the 1960s adapted from the novel of that title by Marc Robitaille, directed by Francis Leclerc; On March 18, 2008, after a fourteen year absence, Dupuis returned to the stage for a limited run as Ian in a French translation of Blasted, the controversial first play by British playwright Sarah Kane (1971–1999).

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