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The first time you do this, it's cute and romantic.The 90th time you do this, you're codependent agoraphobics.Ben Higgins has spent weeks vetting hopeful suitors, looking for a woman to pour his heart out to and accept into his life.Along the way, he's met a whole score of fascinating women who have presented him with a slew of memorable moments.Spending time apart (however long) is rough, but getting to see each other again makes it all worth it.All right, maybe it would've been better to not be apart in the first place.Even if it's just an overnight trip, it beats the family trip you took to the Grand Canyon with your parents a few years ago.12. Any time you really, truly, just have a day to yourselves.Getting a dog and realizing you are successfully raising a living thing together. These don't come often enough, and when they do, it feels like the best day ever.

Lace Unties Herself From The Bachelor Wow, Lace was something else.

." But also, you know, that you love spending time together.9.

When you had an insane fight, but you knew you never wanted to break up.

A Mouthful of Dental Weirdness It's hard to overstate just how insane the first episode of the season really was, but nothing beat the oral examination Ben received from Mandi -- who had shown up to the mansion with a giant red rose strapped to her head -- after she stole him away right as he was about to address the group of girls that had assembled in the living room. Jubilee's Roller Coaster of a Date Episode three was a difficult one for Jubilee, who spent most of her time being sad that Ben likely wasn't going to choose her for a one-on-one date. That is, until she found out she'd have to ride in a helicopter, despite being flat-out terrified of heights.

PHOTOS: 'The Bachelor' & 'The Bachelorette' Romance Check! Which is when she (jokingly) asked if any of the other (jealous) women wanted to go on her date for her. The date went on to be crazy weird (and yes, it did include Ben trying to twerk), but things got somber and emotional when Jubilee candidly opened up to Ben about her tragic past, and the two connected on a deeper level.

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