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The joint technology deals had the potential to destroy competition as Verizon works with the cable companies to develop new technologies that competing wireless providers would be unable to replicate.Yet under the new settlement, after five years, the cable companies will be permitted to sell wireless services of other providers besides Verizon’s, taking away the huge advantage the deal would have left Verizon if the deals were passed unchanged.

As Chairman Genachowksi’s memo circulates around the FCC, Verizon and Spectrum Co, a joint venture of cable companies including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, and Cox Communications have come to agreement on a consent decree with the Department of Justice to significantly modify their commercial agreements.Verizon announced that more 36 companies expressed interest in the 700 MHz spectrum.In a filing with the FCC, Verizon told the commission it will build out the spectrum it is acquiring from the cable companies to serve 30 percent of the population covered by the spectrum within three years and 70 percent within seven years.They must keep a watchful eye on Verizon, the Cable Companies, and competition in the broader industry to make sure all parties abide by the settlement.They must also be willing to enforce anti-trust provisions and enact solutions as they arise.

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