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Is Cyberstalking , cyber harassment prevalent in India? Cyber stalking is when a person is followed and pursued online.What is Cyber stalking, Who is a cyber stalker, Who is the victim & what motivates a cyber stalker. Their privacy is invaded, their every move watched.It’s not a separate, regulated or sanctified world.The very nature of anonymous communications also makes it easier to be a stalker on the internet than a stalker offline 2)Obsession for love This could begin from an online romance, where one person halts the romance and the rejected lover cannot accept the end of the relationship.They do not have any grudge against you – they are rather using you to ‘show-off’ their power to their friends or doing it just for fun and you have been unlucky enough to have been chosen.Most people who receive threats online imagine their harasser to be large and powerful.It is believed that Over 75% of the victims are female, but sometimes men are also stalked. Do not be misled by believing this stalker is harmlessly in love.The figures are more on assumed basis and the actual figures can really never be known since most crimes of such natures go unreported. 2)The delusional cyber stalker The next type is the delusional stalker.

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The internet reflects real life & consists of real people.A delusional stalker is usually a loner & most often chooses victims who are married woman, a celebrity or doctors, teachers, etc..Those in the noble & helping professions like doctors, teachers etc are at often at risk for attracting a delusional stalker.Delusional stalkers are very difficult to shake off. These cyber stalkers are angry at their victim due to some minor reason- either real or imagined. These stalkers may be stalking to get even & take revenge and believe that “they” have been victimized. Two different kinds of cyber stalking situations which can occur. Online harassment & cyber stalking that occurs & continues on the internet. Online harassment and stalking that begins to be carried on offline too.This is when a stalker may attempt to trace a telephone number or a street address.

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